Needing Help

Yeah.   I still need help.    About six months ago I launched a GoFundMe.  It’s been overwhelming and heart-touching to see the response.   I can’t think you all enough.  My gofundme is still out there and active.  I really hate asking for help, especially twice, but my on-going business has basically collapsed.  I have a […]

The Very High Dunk

A regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet high.   But… what if you could jump even higher than that?   What if you jumped so high that you did a slam dunk in space?   Pretty amazing when you think about it.  You would have to wear some special equipment.  Like this guy.   

Flower Skull Stuff

I really like this one.   I know there are a lot of skulls… it’s because I am super tough.  I was born in a motorcycle bar and wore diapers made of barbed wire.  So, the skulls are just part of my lifestyle.   Check out this detail tho…    That’s one thing I just love about […]

Going to Mayo Tomorrow

a little summary of what’s happened up until now. This is sort of my cancer story. I just say “sort of” cuz I left a lot of stuff out.

I am trying.

So a couple of different things here.  First, just a very basic update.  Hi.   I am continually letting perfection be the enemy of progress and not posting anything.  I get these ideas, I start them, and I do not finish them.   I have a lot going on… but still.   I guess I just keep on […]

What the actual Fuck

Sometimes you see that type of consumerism where you’re just like… uff. Wow so the target market for this product is like… terrible people? I know that I have been a little bit sensitive about having either PLAIN or like… somewhat original tshirts. I’m not going to underground tunnels in Brooklyn to get vintage shit […]

How to Start Writing: IDK

I have not been writing anything… I wrote a few things for Facebook and a few people complimented my writing.  So now I think I am a very good writer.   I have been wanting to start writing on this blog but I have been dragging my feet… no, my pen.    Lol.   I’ve been dragging […]

bad ass shit

I like to draw lame tattoo shit. Like, a skull with a big knife stabbed right into it. But then also make it sort of rainbow. It’s pretty cool imagery no matter how played out and lame it is. Honestly I feel like I could add in some barbed wire here and that would just […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is a really good way to settle things. Rock beats… uh, how does this go again? It’s complicated I know that.