Stained Waiting Room

also just before you read this, I want to be crystal clear.   Mayo is an unreal facility.  It’s SO pretty.  It’s VERY comfortable.  There’s art, and other amazing stuff to look at.   This article is about… the way it feels to be in a waiting room. Well I have now officially lost count on how […]


Gilda’s Club Well, I finally joined a group. I am not 100% sure why it was such a difficult thing for me to do, or why it took so long for me to do it. I do know that I am very glad I did join and I would very much encourage anyone whose life […]

Trying Everything

In the spirit of trying to get help whereever I can… I got a suggestion from my social worker / therapist about a website that does crowd-funding for people going through medical hardships.   This is the profile I wrote for them.   I don’t know how any of it works, I just figure… if there’s help […]

Needing Help

Yeah.   I still need help.    About six months ago I launched a GoFundMe.  It’s been overwhelming and heart-touching to see the response.   I can’t think you all enough.  My gofundme is still out there and active.  I really hate asking for help, especially twice, but my on-going business has basically collapsed.  I have a […]

The Very High Dunk

A regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet high.   But… what if you could jump even higher than that?   What if you jumped so high that you did a slam dunk in space?   Pretty amazing when you think about it.  You would have to wear some special equipment.  Like this guy.   

Flower Skull Stuff

I really like this one.   I know there are a lot of skulls… it’s because I am super tough.  I was born in a motorcycle bar and wore diapers made of barbed wire.  So, the skulls are just part of my lifestyle.   Check out this detail tho…    That’s one thing I just love about […]

Going to Mayo Tomorrow

a little summary of what’s happened up until now. This is sort of my cancer story. I just say “sort of” cuz I left a lot of stuff out.

I am trying.

So a couple of different things here.  First, just a very basic update.  Hi.   I am continually letting perfection be the enemy of progress and not posting anything.  I get these ideas, I start them, and I do not finish them.   I have a lot going on… but still.   I guess I just keep on […]

What the actual Fuck

Sometimes you see that type of consumerism where you’re just like… uff. Wow so the target market for this product is like… terrible people? I know that I have been a little bit sensitive about having either PLAIN or like… somewhat original tshirts. I’m not going to underground tunnels in Brooklyn to get vintage shit […]