You’re gonna kill it!

Jason’s job is just to get up and murder people.   But I mean… everyone has those days where they aren’t very motivated.  That’s why I made this poster for him.  So he can stay motivated and… shit.   This wasn’t a very good idea.  I mean, this is maybe one guy that we can […]

June 19th Update

As a lot of you know, I had a big surgery on March 11th.  I feel like it’s been long enough now that I can sort of… suss out some of the deets and tails and also details of what happened there.   So, back in the original cancer resection (that means take it out) surgery, […]

Two Bodied Monster

Two Bodied Monster Yeah we’ve all heard of two-headed monsters.   I mean, let’s be honest, in the monster world, having two heads is sort of played out.   Like… sure if you were like… a two headed person or giraffe or something… sure, then you’ve really got something.   But if you’re already a monster, doesn’t seem […]

Blue Monster

The Making of the Blue Monster

Shoe Monster

A Little Background on Shoe Monster This is a monster who has a problem. He has to buy a fuckton of shoes. I mean, the guy has a lot of legs and there really isn’t a lot he can do.  So then the guy ends up getting like… addicted to shoes, and so now he’s […]

April 3

Hi everyone.  I’m healing.   I am very thankful for a successful surgery and what is so far been really great recovery.  I mean… if I’m being honest, I’m really tired of this whole “healing” routine.  I’m tired all the time and it hurts and I really want to like… get up and go.   But, it’s […]

Stained Waiting Room

also just before you read this, I want to be crystal clear.   Mayo is an unreal facility.  It’s SO pretty.  It’s VERY comfortable.  There’s art, and other amazing stuff to look at.   This article is about… the way it feels to be in a waiting room. Well I have now officially lost count on how […]