Gilda’s Club

Well, I finally joined a group. I am not 100% sure why it was such a difficult thing for me to do, or why it took so long for me to do it. I do know that I am very glad I did join and I would very much encourage anyone whose life has been touched by cancer to look into

Gilda’s was really easy to join. You start with an informational meeting where you’re under no obligation to really talk much other than say your name. You will hear a little about Gilda’s and the classes they have to offer. It’s… fun. There are art and craft classes, improv classes (paging Mr. Michael Scott) and all types of stuff like that. There is also group therapy, and wow, that has been amazing.

I am not interested in group therapy.

That’s me, say like… six months ago, and a year ago, and three years ago. I have always pictured group therapy as like… well, you do it. You picture a “cancer therapy group” what do you see? Fun? Like it seems super fucking depressing, right? You’re right. It is. Especially when I’m there. No, just kidding. It’s actually a great group of people that I am very happy to know.

Help to Normalize What Can Be a Very NOT Normal Existence

I think that the biggest benefit to joining this group is you get a chance to hear six or eight perspectives at the same time. One really meaningful example is health insurance. A few months ago Jen got a new job and we had the opportunity to change health insurance. The idea of changing health insurance with cancer scared the shit out of me. In group, I was hearing MULTIPLE people talk about their experiences changing health insurance MULTIPLE times. One person was like… you know you CAN actually switch every 6 months.

I was blown away. I am now on Jen’s insurance. It’s way less expensive and it’s way better. So, you learn a little lesson, and there’s a massive benefit to it.

Anyways… I hope to have more to say as I do more stuff. But so far Gilda’s has been an amazing thing for me, very worth joining.

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