Going to Mayo Tomorrow

a little summary of what’s happened up until now. This is sort of my cancer story. I just say “sort of” cuz I left a lot of stuff out.

I am trying.

So a couple of different things here.  First, just a very basic update.  Hi.   I am continually letting perfection be the enemy of progress and not posting anything.  I get these ideas, I start them, and I do not finish them.   I have a lot going on… but still.   I guess I just keep on […]

What the actual Fuck

Sometimes you see that type of consumerism where you’re just like… uff. Wow so the target market for this product is like… terrible people? I know that I have been a little bit sensitive about having either PLAIN or like… somewhat original tshirts. I’m not going to underground tunnels in Brooklyn to get vintage shit […]

How to Start Writing: IDK

I have not been writing anything… I wrote a few things for Facebook and a few people complimented my writing.  So now I think I am a very good writer.   I have been wanting to start writing on this blog but I have been dragging my feet… no, my pen.    Lol.   I’ve been dragging […]

bad ass shit

I like to draw lame tattoo shit. Like, a skull with a big knife stabbed right into it. But then also make it sort of rainbow. It’s pretty cool imagery no matter how played out and lame it is. Honestly I feel like I could add in some barbed wire here and that would just […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is a really good way to settle things. Rock beats… uh, how does this go again? It’s complicated I know that.

You Are Enough

In case your brain told you otherwise…. Your brain might be lying to you. Especially if your brain is telling you that you are NOT enough. Not pretty enough, not strong enough, not working hard enough, not successful enough. We don’t need to feel that way. You are doing a great job. You are absolutely […]

Bee Well

Bee Well (be well) I’d say probably more than any other drawing on this site, this was the one I had in mind for the fund-raiser thing.  “Bee Well” is something I can focus on and remind myself. I can make decisions to physically be well by getting outside or getting on a walk.   I […]

Another Bluebird

So here we have a blue jay, which is of course a  passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to eastern North America.  If you know how to pronounce these words, and see a blue jay and want to impress the shit out of your friends, you can be like “oh man look at that […]

Blue Bird

Well, I have been into birds ever since I went to law school to become a bird lawyer.  No this is from a song that my cousin wrote about a blue bird and seeing a blue bird and then the song says “I’m just happy to be here” and so I drew this blue bird.  […]