You Can Do It.

You Can Do It.

Here’s some encouragement.   Some people think you can’t do?  No.  they are wrong.  Because I am here, and also I have this can with me, to tell you that you absolutely CAN do it.  You just have to keep on trying.  Sometimes you just make it a tiny little bit forward, sometimes you slide backwards, sometimes you fall flat on your face.   But, you can do it if you keep on getting up.   

Here guess what! there’s even an earlier version of this one.  

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You’re gonna kill it!

Jason’s job is just to get up and murder people.   But I mean… everyone has those days where they aren’t very motivated.  That’s why

June 19th Update

As a lot of you know, I had a big surgery on March 11th.  I feel like it’s been long enough now that I can

Two Bodied Monster

Two Bodied Monster Yeah we’ve all heard of two-headed monsters.   I mean, let’s be honest, in the monster world, having two heads is sort of

Blue Monster

The Making of the Blue Monster

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