What the actual Fuck

Sometimes you see that type of consumerism where you’re just like… uff. Wow so the target market for this product is like… terrible people? I know that I have been a little bit sensitive about having either PLAIN or like… somewhat original tshirts. I’m not going to underground tunnels in Brooklyn to get vintage shit from 1984 or anything. Mostly, just want that 50/50 blend and a decent cut.

So, I guess my point in the originality thing is that this is a shirt you can VERY MUCH get at target or really any other retailer. It’s a shirt with the gosh dang superman logo on it. I’d be willing to bet you’ve seen one before. So who do these asshats think they are selling this fuckin’ thing for $150? I mean… I don’t know… I understand that I personally don’t have to buy it, but WHO is this for? Because are you supposed to just walk around with thing and NOT explain to other people how expensive it was?

A guy who has like… let’s just say an underarmour one one… he’s like… “hey!! same shirt!!” ” and tries to like… high five you. Are you really going to be a part of that shit? I don’t know.

If you want to spend $150 on a superman shirt, I am not going to stop you. You have every right to do what you want to do. That said, I think you should spend a little less money on this shirt, and a little more money on just about anything other than this.

I am trying to think of the most I have ever spent on a tshirt. I am confident it’s less than $150. I think it might be less than $35. I am trying to think of the worst decisions I made via mail-order in the days of $13.95 for shipping and handling. That Public Enemy shirt I got when you like… really couldn’t just go and buy that sort of a thing.

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