How to Start Writing: IDK

I have not been writing anything...

I wrote a few things for Facebook and a few people complimented my writing.  So now I think I am a very good writer.   I have been wanting to start writing on this blog but I have been dragging my feet… no, my pen.    Lol.   I’ve been dragging my pen.    See?   How can I keep jokes like that to myself?  

Really putting the pressure on.  I’m gonna go ahead and publish this.   It will appear as the ONLY post under the “words” heading on my site… so I really do need to get this straighened out.  

"Oh Jeez I have an idea I should write about this in my blog"

- Me

I mean…. The reality is writing isn’t super easy.  It’s tough to get something from an idea floating around in your head into something that you feel like you can share with everyone.   I also want to try to have a visual presentation to everything too… so, it can be a lot of work.   But it really is a labor of love.  If I could somehow make money off of drawings and silly little websites I would prefer to do that.  But the law firm website thing is very effective in paying the bills.  I just need to manage my time better so I can use more time drawing. 

OK so you didn’t actually say it out loud, but I feel like you want to see the making of that drawing up there.   OK, I can do that.   

Drawings & Words and Stuff

Stained Waiting Room

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