Bee Well

Bee Well

Bee Well (be well)

I’d say probably more than any other drawing on this site, this was the one I had in mind for the fund-raiser thing.  “Bee Well” is something I can focus on and remind myself.

  • I can make decisions to physically be well by getting outside or getting on a walk.  
  • I can be well by making sure I’m eating healthy foods that help my body fight cancer.
  • I can be well by focusing on being present and not falling into dark thoughts and “what-ifs”
  • I can be well by showing up to all of my appointments and being grateful that I have a team that is dedicated to helping me
  • I can be well by being open with my friends and family about the struggles and challenges I am facing mentally and physically

So, anyways… those are some of the reasons that I did this “bee well” thing.   And, I have some stickers as well.  My plan is to sell these stickers at a ridiculous mark-up.  

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