You Are Enough

In case your brain told you otherwise....

Your brain might be lying to you.

Especially if your brain is telling you that you are NOT enough. Not pretty enough, not strong enough, not working hard enough, not successful enough. We don't need to feel that way. You are doing a great job.

You are absolutely enough.

It's OK to put a little bit of pressure on yourself to do better. But once we start dwelling on how we "fucked up" we are moving ourselves backwards by being overly critical. We do not need to do this. We should be talking to ourselves the way we would talk to a close friend that we wanted to encourage.

Drawings & Words and Stuff

Stained Waiting Room

also just before you read this, I want to be crystal clear.   Mayo is an unreal facility.  It’s SO pretty.  It’s VERY comfortable.  There’s art,


Gilda’s Club Well, I finally joined a group. I am not 100% sure why it was such a difficult thing for me to do, or

Trying Everything

In the spirit of trying to get help whereever I can… I got a suggestion from my social worker / therapist about a website that

Needing Help

Yeah.   I still need help.    About six months ago I launched a GoFundMe.  It’s been overwhelming and heart-touching to see the response.   I can’t

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