Trying to Start Writing

OK well I have a lot of things to say and I’m going to try to start writing them down.   I drink a lot of coffee and I can type pretty fast so I think this should all be a raging success. 

No, kidding aside, I was listening to a book about changing small habits, and trying to…well, it’s a whole book.  I can’t sum it all up.   But the point is I’m trying to write and draw more and I this little blog thing here is going to be where I put it.  I am also putting stuff at the main website, what you are looking at now is the little wordpress piece of it.   If you want to see the main site, which is mostly pictures and the videos of the pictures being drawn right now, you can see that here.

Thanks for looking at my site.  I genuinely do appreciate it. 

Some other Drawings

I am trying.

So a couple of different things here.  First, just a very basic update.  Hi.   I am continually letting perfection be the enemy of progress and

What the actual Fuck

Sometimes you see that type of consumerism where you’re just like… uff. Wow so the target market for this product is like… terrible people? I

How to Start Writing: IDK

I have not been writing anything… I wrote a few things for Facebook and a few people complimented my writing.  So now I think I

bad ass shit

I like to draw lame tattoo shit. Like, a skull with a big knife stabbed right into it. But then also make it sort of