A Couple of Guys

Guy Smiley & Guy Fieri

OK so a pretty basic concept here. You think about people you really admire and how they have affected your life, and then maybe you draw them. Of all of the guys named Guy I can’t really think of two guys I care more about than Guy & Guy. Guy Smiley for his eternal optimism and fair and balanced reporting. And also Guy Fieri for his… constant good attitude and sandwich-related enthusiasm.

The making of Two Guys. Which is of course a drawing I did which was inspired by the photograph which is exactly like the drawing because I fucking nailed it.

Guy Smiley is a gameshow host. Guy Fieri was not primarily a gameshow host, but he actually IS one now with GGG (Guy’s Grocery Games) and I think it’s fair to say that he is somewhat of an innovator when it comes to hosting gameshows because I don’t think any other gameshow host has ever fucked with the clock like Guy does on Grocery Games. Well. OK. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.


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