Unaffiliated Space Man.

I don’t mean to sound like a total hipster but the reality is, space exploration is a total sellout sport.  Either you’re straight up working for a massive government agency, or you’re aligning yourself with people who like… buy twitter and shit.  It’s a loser’s game right now.   But hey man there’s a lot of… space up there.   So… let’s get some more generic space travel options opened up please and thank you.  


Deets & Tails
You can look at the details of the picture right here. That's fun, huh? If you click on that button below where it says "click here" NOTHING happens lol
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Made Stickers of This One
If you have ever seen this sticker on some sign or bench I just want to explain that someone stole a bunch of my stickers and they put them on stuff late at night. I do not condone it or support it but I am powerless to stop it.
More Detail
Here's a little more detail. I hope you're enjoying this. I am going to take away the fake button on this one. Sorry if I tricked you before with that.


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