Few activities are as “moviecore” as going to see movies. It’s fun, there is air conditioning, and you get to see a sad story. Of course, when you’re going to enjoy the moving pictures at the theatre, you might want to pop in to the snack bar on the way. You might get some popcorn, just an absolute movie classic, or perhaps some candy, pop, nachos, hot dogs, I mean the list is almost endless but also it does have an end and I pretty much got to it.

Are The Prices at Movie Snack Bars Too High?

While you may find yourself paying more than expected retail rates for your favorite candies and snacks at the theatre snack bar, you gotta understand two things: 

1. Movie theatre snacks are expensive because you’re going to REALLY enjoy them.
2. Movie theatres would like to make a lot of money.  

So, given these two facts, you should actually feel really good about buying some Skittles for eight dollars, or getting that “value” meal where you get the large popcorn and two medium drinks…which, if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.  We can have someone from our finance department come around the counter and talk to you about a few options, assuming you have good credit.

Why is it So important to Understand the Economics of Movie Theatre Snacks?

Does a person who get’s a ginger ale on a plane think that they got a $235 beverage and then just happened to get to go to another city on an airplane as a free gift with the ginger ale? No. No they do not.  Now this example has almost no parallels to the movie situation, but I bring it up because it’s extremely absurd, and maybe can make this box of sweet tarts and bottle of water that cost a combined $18 make sense.   I don’t know.