Want me to act bored?

No problem. I’m actually bored a lot of the time so that’s a pretty easy emotion for me to portray. Just kidding. I’m actually an anxious mess but I pretend I look bored because you know… that seems less anxious. It’s a strategy and it works. Let’s get back to talking about modeling. Are you […]

Handsome Middle Aged Basketball Fan (white though)

Are you looking to hire a male model who is enthusiastic about watching basketball and wearing shirts that support his local basketball team? Wow boy have I got the model for you. Look at this fucking guy with his Timberwolves shirt and all his shoes in the background. Did you know that you could hire […]

Night shoots? No problem

So the idea with this picture is to show that I am 100% NOT afraid of the dark. I know a lot of models can be difficult about stuff like this. It’s not a problem for me at all. I work in basically any lighting situation. Indoors with artificial lights? I can do that. The […]

Here’s one with a Sunset

OK so working on getting some nice pictures of myself up here because you know… modeling. The thing about being a male model in Minnesota is that well I really don’t know anything about it. I do have a camera inside my phone though and I’m very into me.