Garbage CAN

A picture I drew
Project Overview
Pretty straight forward honestly. I mean, you have to believe in your self. Maybe that means you're a bee, and you bee leaf in yourself. Maybe that means you're just on that fake it til you make it shit. Irregardless (I know) it's important to think about the things that you (garbage) CAN do. Like sure, there are things you can not afford, you probably can't do a backflip and you aren't even friends with Rhianna. But the thing you need to do is decide that you are not going to let those things get in the way of your happieness.
My Contributions
Are you fucking kidding me?  Do you think I work with other people?  Who drew the picture?  ME. that's who.  Who do I trust?  Me. Just kidding. But, actually, all kidding aside, I paid for the ipad, I did the drawing, I did the whole thing.  So if some bitch ass haters wanna come on here and be like "ope I helped" no. No you really didn't. And you might find yourself IN a god damned trash can if you keep talking all that rah rah rah. Tell you wut.
OK I'm gonna be honest. This is just a templated thing.... like I didn't really feel like "oh I better say some more shit in between the detailed pages" but like... here we are. I think I am going to start a home-based business that does not require cold calling or talking to anyone or selling or even a computer or checking your email. You just straight up sell lemonade in your front yard.  Boom. and you got the idea from me so you gotta send me 15% of the total revenue. NOT the profit.  That's your fucking problem man. I get 15% of the REVENUE.
James Eichenberger
Picture Drawer
all god damned day every day