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I really need to get this all organized. I will. this is still sort of a learning exercise. I will say this…. getting off of bluehost has made using wordpress a lot more fucking bearable. Not only does the site load faster, but the actual dashboard and insides of the site (gross) are all a lot faster. So this makes the workflow WAY easier. I am not good at paying attention for 10 seconds while the stupid fucking browser clocks… so I open IG or reddit or some other shit and get distracted for… well, let’s just say MORE than the 10 seconds it would have actually taken for the page to load. It just takes a lot of self-control to stay focused.

These Ones are All Videos. They open to YouTube... I think...


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Spooky Man

I don’t know man.   I guess I just want to say that this is NOT frankenstein… cuz that was the Dr… or whatever, right?   But

Cool Rainbow Tree

Rainbow Tree I ended up really liking this one.  I have always liked drawing the general outline or structure of a tree but have always